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Easy-to-pay Installments,
Even Without a Credit Card

You can now enjoy your next gadget or vacation with:
• Flexible installment plans
• A simple application process
• No downpayments or hidden charges

I am so happy about how efficient your service is. What an impeccable group of people you have starting from you/your team and even the delivery man. Continue your awesome service.

24 year-old from Makati Sales Representative
Sony xperia xa 41f1f9c2c1fc4d07ee81c0999f2b64a7254e541b9073cb3e693b9487ec1737c7
Sony Xperia XA
₱1,295 at 12 months

I am very pleased with Shoplite’s communication process, more so the customer service via Email and Text - both of the reps I’ve spoken to were really helpful and accommodating as I have tons of questions. Even the rider who delivered the phone was very pleasant and helpful and waited quite a while to make sure the phone’s working before he left.

27 year-old from Pasay Administrative Assistant
Apple iphone 6s 2237c401bd30658b866de800a2ba02feeaba4fb9091033612fc6220be4fe3339
Apple iPhone 6s 128GB Smartphone
₱4,595 at 12 months

Wow, Shoplite. I was so impressed with your work. Very accommodating people, very friendly delivery man, and this! A handwritten letter! So sweet, guys. Please keep it up. I love Shoplite!

21 year-old from Quezon City Account Executive
Apple iphone se 17ddc70b29c190f9737969f30c257c6e7ab561ec0c5a954643312eea74fdce11
Apple iPhone SE 16GB Smartphone
₱2,445 at 12 months

Never thought upgrading my phone can be this easy. Thumbs up, Shoplite!

27 year-old from Quezon City Operations Manager
Lg g4 5156f17c1125dd97111b7b3df8593e49b2577a49f1c59c88d00229a2ca2ea16f
LG G4 H818P 32GB Smartphone
₱3,645 at 6 months

I can now buy the gadget that I can't buy in cash because your site has the option to pay in installment. That's really good to know! The payment options are so flexible.

28 year-old from Pasig Customer Service Representative
Asus transformer pad 95a4375c2cae1107539cd4b1d5f00a8ea17e84cfca15ff364063ebe22634f91f
Asus Transformer Pad TF701T 32GB Tablet
₱1,445 at 12 months

Item was received in good condition. I'm amazed at how fast ShopLite processes orders. Thanks!

21 year-old from Pasig Receptionist
Apple iphone se 17ddc70b29c190f9737969f30c257c6e7ab561ec0c5a954643312eea74fdce11
Apple iPhone SE 16GB Smartphone
₱2,445 at 12 months

Kudos to you and your team for providing excellent service!

22 year-old from Pasay Customer Service Representative
Canon eos m3 dcd651ed8790368305b834d2002959d79206439d7e25f8e751e59f169473e726
Canon EOS M3 24.2MP Camera
₱4,295 at 6 months
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