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You can become creditworthy while enjoying life and treating yourself.

Our Inspiration

As they start their careers and earn their first paychecks, young Filipinos would love to jump at the chance to fill their lives with blissful experiences— from a tasty cup of milk tea to an exciting roadtrip with friends. They agree with the saying that "you only live once" and so they should relish in these things while they are young, but at the same time they hesitate because they worry about financial stability in the future. They feel that they should give up these desires if they want to be able to afford their dream lifestyle, but they wish they didn't have to.

So, our team asked: How can we give them the peace-of-mind while enjoying these blissful experiences?

That's when we thought of ShopLite.

Our Product

ShopLite provides young Filipinos the chance to seize experiences now without putting off long-term aspirations through good credit standing. We offer a solution that helps the young build their credit history without needing a credit card so they can craft a trustworthy reputation with banks, employers, and other financial institutions, securing their lifestyle goals.

With our wide assortment of desirable products and experiences and easy-to-pay installment plans, the path to becoming creditworthy is simple yet thrilling. They can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that as they treat themselves, they are also working towards the future they aspire for.

We challenge the convention that the youth needs to give up blissful experiences now to responsibly work towards their future.

Our Team

ShopLite was created by the same team behind Deal Grocer and BeautyMNL.

We are a young team of forward-thinking purveyors who thrive in a culture of collaboration. We believe in the power of innovation. With technology as our driving force, we're constantly looking for new ways to enrich and improve people's lives.

One thing we believe in that shows up in this product we've just created: We have no doubt that young, responsible and trustworthy individuals who work hard certainly deserve more credit than they're given.